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Kinky Blonde Double Dicks For Pleasure

Duration: 23m, 21s, Starring Victoria Spencer, Jay Ashley, Trent Tesoro

(5 Votes)

Victoria loves her dicks to come in twos. She slobs all over this knob and gets it deep down her throat. She gets fingered from behind by Jay while she is still going down on Trent. Her cunt gets licked and she loves how good and wet her pussy is getting. She takes both cocks down her throat a bit more and soon one of these guys is banging her while she sucks the other. The positions change, but she is constantly being pounded by one cock and sucking another. Soon this girl is getting a double whammy to her ass and pussy. she gets down on her knees and gets a double cumshot to her face.

Summer Love Gets Chained And Serves Brett Rockman

Duration: 25m, 58s, Starring Summer Love, Brett Rockman

(9 Votes)

Summer Love is such a cute coed with small tits and she's always getting the boobs to come around. Of course, there's one guy that wants to take her for a more intense ride, and that's Brett Rockman. He's pushing her down on the couch and running his hands all over her body, letting himself explore her as he has her tied down. Of course, he needs to let her up if she's going to suck his dick, so he loosens the bonds a little bit and she starts to writhe and moan under him. He continues his domination, taking any hole that he damn well pleases from her.

Mr Pete Takes On A Pair Of Lesbians For Hot Fun

Duration: 31m, 8s, Starring Austin O'Riley, Jasmine Lynn, Mr. Pete

(7 Votes)

Jasmine Lynn and Austin O'Riley are the type of lesbians that you want to have around...because they do end up being okay with cock from time to time. Today they're getting tied together for Mr. Pete's pleasure, and they know that they're going to end up being used every which way he wants. He eventually unties them so he can start with the fucking, knowing that these girls are going to end up stretched beyond belief, moaning, and whimpering all the while. They cannot resist the pounding orgasms that soon come.

Maggie Star In Schoolgirl Outfit Gets Taught A Lesson

Duration: 24m, 42s, Starring Maggie Star, Dick Nasty, Mark Wood

(9 Votes)

Maggie Star has this big test coming up. It's all about math that she never understood in the first place, but she struck a deal with the teacher to let her pass through it if she'd fuck him once in a while. She knows that this exam will mean big things for her, because he said the kind of test changes how he's going to fuck her, so to prepare she's brought Dick Nasty and Mark Wood over so she can be ready for whatever the teacher might have in mind or in store. She even tests out her new kilt to see if it's a hit.

Sexy Demi Marx Gets Rammed And Cummed On

Duration: 26m, 28s, Starring Demi Marx, Alex Sanders

(3 Votes)

Demi Marx is just newly single and legal too. She wants to get with a guy that knows how to fuck since her ex was fucking useless in that department. She's going to find someone to not only fuck her long and hard but that doesn't mind showing up to her formal to show her off on his arm and be her own version of eye candy. Alex Sanders is the man for the job, and she's done herself up in some nice stockings and a garter that she thinks makes her look a little more mature and fuckable. Alex agrees.

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